Eat. Crave. Repeat.

Bare Cookies are like no other; they are decadent gluten free cookies, in 9 delicious flavors, and available in dairy free or vegan options.



Indulge Without Consequence

Founded in 2018, Bare Bites Bakery offers healthy alternatives to baked goods. Bare Cookies are gluten free and most flavors can be made to order dairy free and vegan.

“Originally created for my son who has gluten, dairy, and egg allergies and sensitivities to have something to bring to school, parties or when friends come over to play. I was committed to offering something people would never even know was allergy-friendly.”

Kim Fitz | Founder, Certified Nutritional Coach

Our Cookies


Allergy Disclaimer:

Bare Cookies takes allergies and food sensitivities very seriously, after all that is why we created Bare Cookies for my son’s allergies. We are proud of our gluten free cookies however, these cookies are made in a facility that also processes flour, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts and other potential allergens. We do not recommend Bare Cookies for customers with severe allergies. We want you to be a very happy customer so if you have any questions please contact us for more information.

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